Monday, November 22, 2010

Perpetual Negativity

Everyone has, at some time in their life, had to spend time with, or known a very negative person. People like this are such a drain on your own personal positive energy.  If you are not sure if you know anyone like this, maybe it is you?! (I hope not!) This perpetually negative individual will eventually say something like - "Something bad is going to happen soon, because everything has just been going too well for too long"  Really?  They are looking for something bad to happen!  I can not stand to be around people like this!

I try to be positive about everything.  I always try to find the silver lining.  Why do some people want to see the bad?  If you are always looking for the bad stuff, only the bad stuff will find you. Why is this such a hard concept for some people to understand?! On the off chance something good happens to come along - you will be so busy focusing on the negative stuff that you won't  even notice.  Who wants to live like this?!?!
The thing is, no matter how much positive energy you try to project, that negative energy can just wrap around you like a wet blanket and smother all your good intentions.  I try to distance myself from so much continual negativity.  This is my way of protecting myself.  This is how I protect my boundaries.

So, what do you do if you are forced to be with someone like this - at work for instance?  What I do is bombard this person with positive thoughts.  Every time they complain I say something positive.
Example - It always rains, I hate the rain!  It is so ugly out.
Respond with - But it makes the flowers grow, and think how good a nice hot bath will feel at the end of this long ugly day!
Most negative people will have something else to complain about, it is a never ending cycle with people of this sort.  They however, will not be able to stand all your positiveness and go away and leave you alone. The trick is to hold on to your happiness. It takes commitment to remain positive.  Stubbornness can come in very handy here!  The thing is - your attitude annoys them as much as theirs does you.  You will repel each other like  polarized magnets. How cool is that?!

So to prove my point - negative energy draws negative energy and positive energy draws positive energy, try it out with someone who is opposite of you and see if you repel each other? I bet you will!
Thanks for playing!

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