Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When I was a Kid...

When I was growing up there were cords on the phone.  There was no caller ID.  Microwaves were new and maybe dangerous?  You could play video games, but there was no saving, when it was off it was over!  Now I know I am showing my age here, but you already know how old I am so it doesn't really matter.
When I was a teenager if I wanted to use the phone I had to slide the phone cord under the basement door and sit in the stairwell so everyone else in the house couldn't hear me.  (So I thought) Then after about 15 minutes I would start being told to get off the phone.  Kids today have no idea.  They all have their own phones. They don't have to share with anyone and they can move around wherever they want to.  My kids are by no means an exception.  I think that it is a lot harder to monitor your kids today.  As a Mom I can't be in the kitchen making dinner and eavesdrop on my kids phone conversations to know what is going on in their life.  I can, and do however, monitor their facebook pages.
What about video games?  We used to play and play and when we got tired we would beg someone else to play  our game.  There was no saving.  If your Mom made you turn it off because it was time for dinner you had to start all over the next time you played.  You couldn't pause either.  My kids love to pause.  Its as though nothing is ever really over.  All of this leads to new terminology.  When I played tag outside, which is a foreign concept to a lot of kids these days, "time out" was the term we used to temporarily stop the game. (to tie a shoe or something)  Now they say "pause!"  The first time I heard this I laughed so hard!
I know times change, but to see and hear it happening right in front of me is an amazing thing.
I am so grateful for my family and the ability to recognize how great they are, even if they do make me say things like, "When I was a kid..."
Happy Thanksgiving!

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