Friday, October 1, 2010

Climbing the Rope

It occurred to me today that life is kind of like climbing a rope.  Some days you can see the top. You can't wait to get there!  You are full of energy!  Oh the things you can do and see when you get to the top!  Other days it's all you can do to just hold on, clinging tightly till your hands bleed, swinging in the wind.

Do you remember having to climb the rope in gym class?  I dreaded the rope.  I have the weakest arms ever created in the entire history of the universe.  I can remember in 6th grade we had to do some presidential fitness BS, and I couldn't do one pull-up. Everyone had to do one.  The WHOLE class is standing around, because of course, I was last. So they are all waiting for me to get done, and the teacher was all "Come on, you can do one can't ya'?"  No, apparently I could not.  I recall being rather humiliated. - Then in middle school we had to climb the rope.  I knew I was DOOMED!  I couldn't even get on the rope, let alone climb it. To make matters worse I had developed a healthy fear of heights by this time.  (PETRIFIED would be putting it mildly)  I don't really remember how, but somehow I got out of climbing that rope.  I think maybe the teacher turned around and I got some friends to lie and say I climbed it when he wasn't looking, maybe I was humiliated and I've blocked it out?!  It doesn't matter now.  I, literally, have never had a need to climb a rope in my entire life.  Not really sure who does, but it ain't me!

Figuratively, I have climbed a million miles of rope.  I can honestly say I was always glad when I made it to the top, but I often thought that I would never get there.  When you are buried in a situation you can't see your way out of, you just have to hold on.  Tomorrow is always going to come and bring new things.  You will get to the top before you know it, and once you get there you will wonder why you thought it would be so hard.    Holding on is hard, but it is always worth it.  There will always be more rope to climb, but it takes real strength to hang on and swing in the wind, while waiting for tomorrow and the new attitude it might bring...


  1. I needed to hear this. I'm working on a Masters degree. I know it will be worth it in the long run, but the short term looks pretty crappy soemtimes. I've given serious thought to just chucking it. But I know if I hang in there long enough it will one day be over and worth the headaches.

  2. Hang in there Steve, It will be worth it!