Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Babies got Skills!

The other day my daughter wanted to make a pie, which of course prompted my other daughter to want to make one as well.  I really wasn't up to it,  but I decided to go ahead and let them give it a whirl.  I figured it would be, at the least, an amusing time. They made a pumpkin and an apple pie. What do you know?  My girls know how to make pie!  I really didn't do anything but a little prompting here and there.  They rolled the dough and peeled the apples and everything!  It was remarkable!

I don't know where they learned this skill.  They have helped me and my Mom make pies before, but I didn't realize they could do it all by themselves.  It is amazing how much they have absorbed over the years.  Maybe it is a natural born skill?  I have no idea, but I think it is AWESOME!

Does it appear from this blog that I don't know anything about my children?  It does seem as though I am in a constant state of amazement and awe over the things they can do.  The truth is I just think of them as little and helpless.  I know they are not, and I am glad about that.  But in the back of my mind they are just babies - laying there waiting to be picked up and fed.  The feeding part hasn't changed, at least once very thirty minutes I hear, "I am hungry when are we eating!".

I have been accused of not giving my kids enough responsibility, doing too much for them.  I want them to be kids.  I don't want them to have too much to do.  Isn't that what being an adult is about? That will happen soon enough.  My children are ungrateful brats just like all the other children of the universe, but when I really need them they are there.  They have skills.  It is not like they have never washed a dish, or a load of clothes, or mowed the lawn.  They have, and they can do it well when they need to.  And I just don't feel the need to say this is your job, do it over and over so I don't have to, unless I really need the help.  Is it so wrong of me to want my kids to be kids for as long as possible?!  This is why I am always so thrilled when I realize that they can do things like make a pie without my help.  They have skills, and just because I don't require them to use those skills on a regular basis doesn't mean they don't have them.

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