Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Mom, The Hair Goddess!!!

I was at my Mother's house yesterday getting my hair done.  This may seem like an odd thing to say to some, but my Mom used to do hair for a living so it is not strange for me.  She has been fixing, and sometimes messing up, my hair for my entire life.  The first time I had a perm I was 5.  My Mom LOVES to play with hair and make-up!  Much more than the average person.  I personally dislike it a lot.  It is a good thing that she drilled it in to me how important it is to take care of my skin and hair until it became a really good habit. Otherwise who knows what I would look like most of the time.  I am the epitome of what some would call "low maintenance"!

I used to hate that all my friends would get to go to the salon and get their hair done while I had to sit on a stool in the kitchen and get my hair cut - by my Mother!  I selfishly wanted to be like all of my friends.  I had no idea how lucky I was.  When I was 16 my Mom gave me a perm that, shall we say, went very badly.  It wasn't her fault, these things happen, but as a teenager I pretty much blamed her for everything, go figure, and this was no exception.  I ended up going to the salon and having all of my hair cut very short.  Short hair was in and it ended up being a good thing.  But at the time I was very upset and I didn't let her near my hair for a long time.

As I got older and had children and got poorer it became necessary for me to use my Mother's hair expertise in order to avoid looking like - in her words - "A Mountain Woman".    You can picture that anyway you want to, no matter how you do, it ain't good!  I discovered that she was pretty good, and willing to do whatever I wanted.  And, she saved me a ton of money.  Do you know how much it cost to get a haircut and perm these days? About $100.00!  So to have her do it for the price of a couple of pizzas is a pretty good plan.

Now there are disadvantages to doing this in your kitchen.  First and foremost, the kids teasing you about how you look, and complaining about the smell.  You never want to give your kids ammunition, trust me on that one!  But the worst part is having to stand bent over the kitchen sink for what seems like endless amounts of time, rinsing your hair.  There is no chair that reclines and a sink with a space cut out for your neck.  As a child I can remember laying on the counter with my head in the sink, but I don't think that would work so well now.  So my wallet is happy, but my neck is not.

It is still worth it, because the absolute best part about all of this is, spending time with my Mom.  She makes me laugh and it makes her happy to help me and make me look good.  So all the way around it is a win-win situation!  Thanks Mom!

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