Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Trained by the bell?


So I have this new fancy phone.  I am quite sure I will never use all of the features, but I am enjoying trying to figure them out very much.  I love it when my kids are jealous of me!  Ha, Ha!  Mommy has something cooler than you!!!  Amazingly, I am currently using this phone to write this blog.  I don't even have to type.  All I have to do is talk into my phone and it types out what I say.  Now it did type maple leaf instead of amazing, so there is some editing to be done, but on a whole pretty neat.  I never thought I would care that much about a phone.  I resisted getting a cell phone for a long time.  They do provide a very nice level of convenience.  The big drawback for me is that I am not sure I always want to be available to everyone.  So I am the master at ignoring calls and or just turning my phone off!  I know a lot of people who can't do that.  Turn their phone off or ignore calls I mean. I understand curiosity, but is it necessary to be available to everyone and everything 24 hours a day 7 days a week?  I think not!  I am one of those people that can sit next to my phone and let it ring and ring and ring until it goes to voice-mail and not even look to see who called me. I also know several people who are driven completely insane when I do it, which I might add, makes it more fun to do when they are around.  Why would I do that you ask?  Because I don't want my phone to be so important that I drop everything when it goes off.  It makes whatever you were doing and whoever you are doing it with, feel less important, don't you think?!  Why in society is it so important to run to the phone every time it rings?!  I don't get it.  Are we trained by the bell?  I think we are.  Resist the urge for one day, see if you can.  It is harder than you think!
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Wonder Woman


  1. I think I also rely on my phone too much. But surprisingly, it has become an essential tool in our lives. My mom is 71 and lives by herself about an hour from me. She is in great health and enjoys her life, but I still worry about her. I called her home phone this morning and got voice mail. So I call the cell phone and she doesn't answer. At that point, try as I might, I can't help getting all kinds of crazy ideas running through my head about why she isn't answering the phone. It's always something logical like she left it at home or turned it off for whatever reason, but I always have this sense of anxiety until she calls me back and I know's ok, just like she did this morning.

  2. We all rely too much I think also. I know what you mean. I lie with my 84 year old grandmother. We worry a lot about her. She won't carry a cell. Can't see the buttons or hear anyway. She still drives herself around. Constant worry!

  3. live, not lie! I should edit myself! LOL