Friday, September 24, 2010

Pride and the Common Enemy

Today I saw something I never thought I would - All four of my kids got on the same school bus.  Now this may seem silly and certainly not an impossibility, but it conjured up emotion in me I really did not expect.  First of all my oldest is a senior, and 17, so you know, he NEVER rides the bus.  "GOD MOM - What is wrong with you? Seniors don't ride the bus!" Which I know is not true, but apparently being cool in high school is a REALLY big deal!  So for whatever reason his ride bailed on him this morning and he had to take the bus.  Secondly, my youngest is 10 and in 5th grade.  She however had her first day of band today.  Her practice is before her regularly scheduled elementary school time and at the middle school. (The high school and middle school kids ride the same bus)  So she was taking the early bus to school today.  I have two other children, one attends the middle school and one is a sophomore and attends the high school as well.  So that is how they all ended up on the same bus.

Firstly this whole situation required military like co-ordinance to get everyone up and out the door in less than one hour.  The amount of begging I had to do to get 2 of my kids to give up five minutes of bathroom time so that their younger sister could get ten minutes in the bathroom was really something to behold.  Is it so hard to be nice to your little sister?!  I guess it is.  Plus I got to hear this little gem from my inconsiderate spawn as well - "You know Mom, band is so NOT COOL, you shouldn't let her do it, all the other kids are just going to make fun of are not doing her any  favors."  Really?!  Anything to get what they want, Amazing!

So after surviving all of this drama, I watch my children trot down the driveway together. They all look happy.  They are smiling and laughing and goofing around.  They are telling my youngest not to worry about riding the bus with the older kids, they will take care of her.  I am so proud!  They care about each other.  They may not admit it in front of me, but they do, and it THRILLS me to watch this.  I don't care that probably what unifies them the most is they have a common enemy - ME.  I don't mind this one bit.

As the bus pulls up I wave from the window and wipe a tear from my eye.  Now I know that when I am no longer here, my kids will be alright because they have each other!


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